Bishop Tedroy & Min. Alyne Powell

National Presiding Bishop, UK, Holland & Belgium

Bishop Tedroy M Powell has served as Senior Pastor of the House of Bread, Church of God of Prophecy, since 1989.

Bishop Tedroy M Powell has served as Senior Pastor of the House of Bread, Church of God of Prophecy, since 1989. He is married to Alyne, who is an experienced Counsellor and who has successfully completed her Diploma in Counselling. They have been married for 41 years and blessed with three children; Anthea, Anthony and Julian; two daughter-in-law’s Natalie and Louise and four grandchildren; Josiah, Amari, Joelle and Tyhla.

His pastoral tenure, has been productive in both Coventry and London. The House of Bread, Kitto Road, London, has experienced wave after wave of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with many souls being saved and added to the church. His focus on intentional discipleship has produced quantitative and qualitative growth in the churches where he has pastored. He has also established a Social Enterprise, registered as Hillview Community Services, which provides Educational support to its community.

Through the vision of Bishop Powell, House of Bread has planted a Hispanic church in two locations and fostered a partnership with a Burmese congregation. He was appointed as National Overseer for Belgium and Netherlands in 2004. During that time he has planted four churches in these countries. In addition to this, he has recommended, provided training and development for nine ministers, who are now fully licensed and serving as Pastors. His Spiritual gifting has made room for him to minister in various denominations and countries such as Nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, United Sates and across Europe and the CIS countries.

His primary Spiritual gifting lies in the Ministry of the Word and Teaching and Development of leaders. He has written a number of articles on Personal Evangelism, Cell Groups, Leadership, and Discipleship. He has been instrumental in identifying the calling and gifts in others to the level that has produced Ministers, Pastors, and a Bishop. He also provides professional training and development for Pastors, Church Leaders, Management Committees and Leaders of Organisations within Para-Church Organisations and the Voluntary Sector.

In his secular career, he has served as Head of Laboratory for a professional calibration service and General Manager for a small manufacturing business. These responsibilities have honed his leadership and management skills in the demanding environment of industry and commercial work.

His personal theme can be found in Paul’s writing to the Saints at Corinth. “For necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!”. (I Cor 9:16). This theme has become his anthem and has positively affected his vision, values, and commitment.

Bishop Powell is a student of the Word of God and has always sought to be at the cutting edge of his ministry by defining and pursuing his personal development plan. He has attended several courses on different aspects of ministry and church development, and in November 2003 he completed his 2 years Masters Degree course in Management for Ministry at Southlands College, Roehampton, West Surrey University. In 2010 he graduated with his Diploma in Teaching, and he is currently pursuing his Doctorate in ministry.

In summary Bishop Powell is an experienced National Overseer who has been instrumental in developing leadership, building appropriate church structures and stimulating growth in local churches in Belgium and Holland; a Senior Pastor who has successfully implemented a vision and re-modelled and repositioned local churches to more clearly advance the kingdom of God in London; co-Founder and co-developer of COGOP Mission Experience School; a Church Planter who has provided leadership in planting new churches in innovative ways; and ex-Company Manager who has grown a business from concept to profitability; a qualified and experienced professional teacher and trainer in the lifelong learning sector and who also have extensive organisational leadership and management skills and understanding.

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