Pursuing Excellence


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Pursuing Excellence cherishes the thought that “some rich people are poor and some poor people have great wealth”. Lazy people want much but get little, while the diligent are prospering. How wealthy are you in the following eight areas of your life: spiritual, family, health, mind, career, helping others, socialising and finance? Pursuing Excellence offers you a chance to take total control right now!

  1. 47 powerful memory aids
  2. A multi-million pound experience and an incredible role model
  3. Hours of exciting reading and learning
  4. Overcoming the fear that produces torment and failure
  5. Your life will never be the same again
  6.  Total control over your financial, mental and emotional destiny
  7. Over 75 dynamic illustrations
  8. Tips, advice and strategies that save time and money
  9. Concise, comprehensive and user friendly
  10. Over 300 powerful motivational thoughts

Pursuing Excellence took twenty-two months to design with a principal thought, “the need of the reader”. What a shame it would be if you throw away this glorious opportunity.

Your rewards will come to you in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, for the seed you sow you will reap! You possess an untapped and unlimited potential, that is waiting to enrich your life in ways you have never experienced before.

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