Left to right: Bro Samuel Roach, Bro A J Lewis, Minister Lenore Greenaway, Sis Ann Toussaint, Pastor Matthew Toussaint, Sis Johanna McLean & Bro Sylburn McLean.

Pastor Matthew Toussaint supported by his Assistant Pastor, newly qualified Minister Lenore Greenaway, moderated a lovely service which incorporated the inauguration of 5 Lay Ministers.

It was a pleasure to witness Bro AJ Lewis, Sis Johanna McLean, Bro Sylburn McLean, Bro Samuel Roach and Sis Ann Toussaint take this next step into a higher calling of God. The church was full of members, family and friends who came to support the new Lay Ministers.

Worship was lead by visiting Minister Sandra Sherman, supported by the NSG (New Southgate) musician and worship team. The Lay Ministers made their declaration and we were ready for a Word from the Lord! The messenger, Pastor Matthew, ministered from Luke 10: 20 with emphasis on v 20 “….rejoice that your name is written in Heaven”.

The Key points that Pastor Matthew left with us:

  1. Prayer – Jesus was a praying man from a young age (speaking and praying from at least the age of 12yrs). Ministers, above all, you need to continue to pray. (Paul Yonggi Cho – “prayer is the key to revival”)
  2. Anointing makes the difference – “the spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to….” You are going to need the anointing for such a time as this.
  3. Authority – has been given to you.
  4. Power – you have it. Jesus said, “I give you Power….”
  5. Compassion – you need it. Who is my neighbour? The lost, or one in need! Jesus’ greatest example of compassion was when He went to the cross.
  6. Leadership requires a Servant Heart – have the same heart that Jesus had.
  7. Rejoice because of your salvation with all of the titles you will have or things you will do, do not rejoice in that. It is just part and parcel of your ministry. Rejoice that your name is written, in Heaven.

Pastor Matthew’s charge to the Ministers is “a Servant Heart, it will keep you in good stead” and then to the Church, a “Compassionate Heart”.

At the end of the message and after the altar call the new Ministers were joined by the existing Minsters and formed a healing line and they prayed for the saints that came through. They then all prayed for their Senior Pastor. The service closed and we fellowshipped with refreshments.

May God continue to build and strengthen all Ministers at NSG and cause the house to be filled to overflow capacity by their evangelical works and lifestyle that bears witness to Jesus, the Christ. AMEN!

Reporter Sister Sar’i McLean
Sunday 13 November 2016




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Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

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