West Midlands Faith In Action (wmFIA), which represents many church and para-church organisations in the West Midlands, expresses empathy with prayers for comfort, to all clients and recipients of the city’s service provision in the wake of the recent announcement about the authorities financial predicament, and the uncertainty and potential loss which could follow.

We further extend prayers for wisdom, insight and focussed business acumen for all our city’s leadership, staff, and connected service providers. We believe, that this huge and increasing chasm in our city’s financial resources is bridgeable by central government’s extraordinary intervention, the just and wise application of appropriate ethical business principles, equitable constructs with a clear social conscience and undergirded by collaborative dialogue, prayer, and social-agency partnerships.

Bishop Paul McCalla, (CoGoP) Bishop Deverton Douglas (NTCG) and some other pastors of churches in Birmingham have stated their wholehearted support to work with the council and other social agencies and partnerships, to make church facilities available to aid council provision at this challenging time.

wmFIA has positioned itself to respond holistically through synergising among churches, para-church organisations, and our local government authorities. We have already begun to map current social provisions among our constituents and to seek an urgent meeting with our council leaders.
End of statement.

Tedroy M Powell
Desmond Jaddoo MBE
Deverton Douglas

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